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The Allure Of Love

"The Allure of Love" tells the story of two friends, Jessie (Courtney Henggeler) and Patrick (Charles Malik Whitfield) hatching the perfect plan to get a pair of star-crossed exes back together, Annie (Jenny McCarthy) and Bradley (Scott Elrod). But things go awry when technology gets in the way and the couple engages in a game of online picture posting one-upsmanship. It's an unexpected comedic journey about rekindling romance on the high seas.
(Short Film)
Filming locations:
The Caribbean
Directed by:
Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy
Scott Elrod
Charles Malik Whitfield
Courtney Henggeler

On set diary - The Allure Of Love

Sunday January 30, 2011
"Allure of the Seas" mine and Jenny's home for the next 7 days.
Sunday January 30, 2011
Charles Malik Whitfield, Justin Baldoni and Dean Cain are a part of the crew.
Monday January 31, 2011
 Last night pulling out of miami...
Monday January 31, 2011
 Jenny and me...Making movie magic!!!
Tuesday February 1, 2011
 Day 1 of filming in the can. Cast and crew r awesome!
Having a blast. Uber blessed to be working with such
great people in such an incredible place!!!
Wednesday February 2, 2011
 Day 2 wrapped. Was off the boat on Haiti all day.
Wednesday February 2, 2011
 Royal Carribean's Allure of the Seas; Could it be any bigger?!?!?
Getting ready to go see the bridge!!!!
Wednesday February 2, 2011
 The Bridge; Where all the magic happens!!! I guess I'm NOT suppose to touch that!!!  There's the Captain!
And what happens when u sit in his chair...
Thursday February 3, 2011
 I need a Starbucks!!!  
Thursday February 3, 2011
 Been surfing all morning...
Friday February 4, 2011
 One more shot and it's a wrap!!!