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CSI: Miami

When a jet skier, Jim Farber, is killed by a falling piece of slate that was thrown off the bridge, Horatio discovers this was no accident. Jim Farber a convicted drug dealer was recently released from prison and his nearby hotel room yields evidence of the lady, Mary Landis, who was jet skiing with him but claimed not to know him. Alexx notices that the slate that Delko is processing from the crime scene is oddly familiar to the one being used to remodel her backyard. Ryan and Natalia find a pill of some kind at the top of the bridge and link it to the same type of drug that Jim Farber was busted for eight years ago.
Alexx soon realizes that her son Bryan has been hanging out with the unsavory Trey Holt who is known for dealing and it’s confirmed when Horatio finds his cigarette butt at Alexx’s house. Federal Agent Brent Sylverstri, who put Farber away, provides Calliegh with information linking Trey to Jim’s death. This get even more complicated when Bryan has Alexx rush to a warehouse where Trey is found stabbed.
All evidence points to Bryan as being the doer but in the end it’s revealed that Agent Sylverstri had a lot to loose with Farber being released from prison. He cut a deal with Mary and Trey to kill Jim who was going to oust Sylverstri for not reporting all the drugs that were originally confiscated when Jim was first arrested. Sylverstri kept half the load and used it pay off his informants. ...
Original Air Date:
5 May 2008 (Season 6, Episode 19)
Directed by:
Gina Lamar
Writing credits:
Anthony E. Zuiker
(creator) &
Ann Donahue
(creator) &
Carol Mendelsohn
Marc Dube
(written by)
Episode Cast:
David Caruso
Lieutenant Horatio Caine
Emily Procter
Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez
Eric Delko
Khandi Alexander
Dr. Alexx Woods
Jonathan Togo
Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn
Sgt. Frank Tripp
Eva La Rue
Natalia Boa Vista (as Eva LaRue)
Katherine Moennig
Mary Landis
Jack McGee
Agent Brad Sylvestri
Toby Hemingway
Trey Holt
Harrison Knight
Bryan Woods
Boti Bliss
Maxine Valera
Scott Elrod
Jim Farber